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Find out the amount of calories contained in a certain portion of food. Get information about the nutritional composition and determine the percentage of macronutrients. Learn more about macronutrients and why it is important to know the composition of the food you eat. Find out the most common recommendations for the nutritional ratios of some of the main macronutrients. And much more ... Calculate the amount of macronutrients in your food

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The amount of macronutrients in food and recommended ratios for their intake

doc-iconHow to use the food navigator?

What information does this calculator give us?

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doc-iconWhat are macronutrients?

Why is it important to know the composition of the food?

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doc-iconRecommendations for the nutritional ratios of macronutrients

What are the most common recommendations for the nutritional ratios of any of the main macronutrients?

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doc-iconRecommendations for macronutrient's nutrient ratios

What are the most often recommendations for storing macronutrient ratios

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This food navigator uses the food database at the US Department of Agriculture - read. When looking for a type of food, it is necessary to search with English names your desired food.

The food calculator is an indispensable helper in everyday life. If you are hesitant about exactly how many calories and what ratio of macronutrients you need to achieve your goals, consult a specialist. Remember that in addition to them, the choice of appropriate and complete nutrients is also important.


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