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Научете повече за калориите, какво представляват, колко трябва да приемате на ден, как организмите ни използват калориите, как да изчислим колко калории са ни необходими и много още … Calculate the calories you need

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Useful resources for your caloric intake and how to calculate how many calories you need per day

doc-iconWhat calories are?

Find out exactly what calories are.

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doc-iconHow does the body use calories and how many calories does it burn at rest?

How to calculate the calories that our body consumes at rest?

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doc-iconWhat are your daily caloric needs?

Find out what your daily caloric needs are and why it's important to know how many calories you burn per day.

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doc-iconDoes it matter what the sources of calories are or is it enough to just keep track of the amount to maintain a healthy and optimal weight?

Quality is important. Learn how to maintain a healthy and optimal weight by tracking calories and their sources.

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Calorie calculator

Calculate your recommended calories for the day.

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